quartzite kitchen countertop in Arlington heights

The Arlington Heights Residence Project

Thanks to the meticulous work of DTK Stone Works, a residence in the heart of Arlington Heights now stands as a beacon of design excellence and craftsmanship.

This project was not just a task; it was a canvas where we painted our passion for stoneworks into every corner of the home.

Every detail was perfectly crafted, from the kitchen’s stunning quartzite countertops to the bespoke stonework in the bathrooms and entertainment areas.

The Heart of the Home: A Kitchen to Remember

The kitchen at Arlington Heights Residence is a marvel of design and functionality.

The client chose honed quartzite Venaria Reale for the countertops and island, creating a space that radiates class and elegance.

The material’s honed finish brings out the beauty of the quartzite, making the kitchen truly stunning.

Elegant Coffee Corner

The coffee area shines with a honed quartzite countertop and matching full backsplash, accented by two stylish stone shelves.

This setup combines elegance with practicality, making it the perfect spot for every coffee ritual.

The natural quartzite and thoughtful design turn this corner into a standout home feature.

Bathrooms: Sanctuaries of Style and Comfort

Bathroom 1:
The porcelain bathroom vanity features a meticulously mitered design. The shower is clad in sleek porcelain panels with a super white satin finish.

Bathroom 2:
Here, both the bathroom vanity and shower are adorned with porcelain Macchia Vecchia, complemented by a custom height backsplash.

The shower also showcases mitered edges along its wall panels for a refined finish.

Custom quartzite fluted sink

This area features a custom quartzite sink with a fluted, mitered top, highlighting an exceptional design that underscores our dedication to detail and passion for crafting distinctive spaces.

Welcoming Spaces: Foyer and Entertainment Room

The foyer sets the tone with soapstone countertops, featuring an inviting design that welcomes all who enter.

Entertainment Area (3 season room)
The entertainment room is a testament to versatility and style, with countertops, an island, and a bar all in Dolomite Fantasy Brown Suede.

The stone’s fantastic patterns are visually appealing and create a cohesive look throughout the room, making it the perfect place for relaxation and social gatherings.

Additionally, two stone shelfs over the backsplash above the countertop area add a functional yet elegant touch, enhancing the room’s overall design and utility.


The Slate Nero Metal Honed fireplace is a stunning feature that adds warmth and style, complete with a mitered stone hearth that enhances its elegant appearance.

A Symphony of Stone

The Arlington Heights Residence is a symphony of stone, each room contributing to the cohesive masterpiece of design and craftsmanship.

Our team at DTK Stone Works took great pride in selecting, designing, and installing each piece of custom stonework, ensuring that every space was beautiful and a reflection of the homeowners’ dreams.

With pictures capturing the essence of our work, we invite you to witness the beauty and intricacy of the Arlington Heights Residence.

This project is a testament to our team’s dedication to excellence and innovation in stone craftsmanship.

We’re not just creating spaces; we’re crafting experiences.

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Dimitre K
Dimitre K opened DTK Stone Works in 2004, leveraging his deep-rooted expertise to establish a leading stone fabrication company. His commitment to quality craftsmanship, competitive pricing, and meticulous attention to detail has propelled the company's rapid growth, marked by a series of expansions including the recent addition of a 20,000 sq. ft. facility in 2023. Dimitre's passion for stone work shines through in every project. Under his leadership, DTK Stone Works has become synonymous with excellence in natural and engineered stone fabrication, catering to a diverse clientele including builders, designers, and homeowners. Dimitre is not only a craftsman but also a visionary, continuously pushing the boundaries of design and fabrication to meet and exceed his clients' expectations.
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