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What should I know about dolomite?

Dolomite is a sedimentary rock formatted by limestone and lime mud coming into contact with magnesium-rich groundwater. The stone is similar to limestone in composition and color scheme. Dolomite crystals are usually white, pinkish, buff-colored, bluish, or even colorless. The most popular gray and white dolomite coloring resembles marble, making the stone popular for countertops and backsplashes. Contact us to learn what colors we have available and how we can help you with your stone project.

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What should I know about Dolomite?

What colors are available?
Granite can be elegant and luxurious or casual and contemporary, depending on your chosen color and finish. Each piece of granite is unique; patterns vary from large sweeping patterns to intricate designs. The options are endless, from greens, blues, and blacks to pinks, whites, and yellows. Slabs also vary in patterns – some have large and intricate designs and movements while others are more subtle.

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