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At DTK Stone Works, we pride ourselves on more than just the quality of the stone that we have widely available for commercial and residential projects. We also captivate a variety of unique colors and patterns in our collection. With over 1,000 slabs at our facility in Wheeling, we have something for your distinctive style and needs.

Natural Stone

Natural stones are a product of the Earth resulting from geological changes and mineral compositions occurring for millions of years. We have a large selection of natural stones in stock. We also work with the best stone suppliers in the country. Here are some of the kinds of natural stones we offer.


Due to its durability, granite is ideal for kitchen and bathroom countertops and outdoor kitchens.

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Soapstone is nonporous and nonabsorbent, and it's easier to take care of than marble or granite, which makes it a good material for kitchen countertops and sinks.

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Dolomite is a durable stone, resistant to wear and tear, that can last decades if taken care of properly. Countertops made of dolomite can outperform marble and will last longer. 

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Marble is famous for its luxurious appearance, which can make your stone project distinguished.

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Quartzite is a natural stone that offers the veining of marble and similar coloration and patterns to some granites.

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Travertine is a type of limestone formed in or near hot springs or limestone caves. It is often concentric and comes in white, tan, cream-colored, and rusty varieties.

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Engineered Stone

Engineered stone is composed of crushed stone bound together by an adhesive to create a solid surface (most commonly polymer resin, with some newer versions using cement mix). The most widely available engineered stones are quartz and porcelain. 


Quartz is an alternative if you love natural stone’s elegant look but don’t like to deal with constant care and resealing.

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Porcelain is a very durable, stain-resistant, scratch-proof, and heat-proof material.

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Signature Edges and Stone Finishes

DTK Stone Works
Signature Edges

Complete the classy look of your new countertops with custom-fabricated stone edge profiles. Rounded or beveled corners will finish the edges of your stone.

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Stone Finishes

Polished, Honed, and Leathered are the most common finishes in commercial and residential spaces, and we will cover those now.

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