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How to pick up a granite countertop for your kitchen?

It would be helpful to decide beforehand whether you like granite “with movement” or granite that is a more static pattern or even a solid color like Absolute Black.

It’s a matter of personal taste, but you will likely be overwhelmed with the selection at the granite yard, and if you could narrow it down a bit even before you get started, it will help you.

Also, keep in mind that some granite yards talk about “Grade A,” “Grade B,” etc. granite. Typically they are not discussing the quality of the granite but the rarity—the rarer, the more expensive. 

The yard may have dozens of slabs of one granite and only two of another, affecting the price. But the rarity has nothing to do with the quality of the granite, or whether it will or will not stain or etch, etc.

Also, be prepared to take samples home for two reasons. One is that the granite will look different in your house than in the granite yard, so you need to see the ones you like at your home to choose one. 

Another reason is that it is often helpful to have a sample to “experiment” with. I.e., spill wine on it or oil, and see what happens. Keep in mind that the granite will behave differently once it is sealed. Seeing what happens when you spill stuff on it is still helpful.

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