Kitchen Perimeter : material- Orion Granite 3cm HOned finish, ogee edge, kitchen Island and Furniture piece: Material Cristallo Quartzite 3cm Leather finish, edge ogee, furniture piece- full backsplash

White or off-white kitchens with matched white or dark granite countertops are coming back to fashion

White and off-white kitchens with matched white or dark granite countertops are crisp, timeless and suit all styles of decor not to mention bringing a sunny feel to the room even on a winter’s day.

It’s no coincidence that when you walk into a kitchen showroom you will almost certainly find your eyes drawn to a white or creamy kitchen. People like white kitchens because they give a fresh feeling, are neutral and don’t really date. Pure white all over certainly looks stunning in a kitchen showroom or the pages of a magazine, but in real life can you have too much of a good thing? To avoid the kitchen looking sterile, cold or dazzling, the interior as a whole must be given consideration throughout the kitchen design process.


As long as the white kitchen is flanked by texture and colors on walls, as well as floors and furnishings, then it won’t be dazzling. Alternatively, mixing different tones and hues of whites and creams and different textures can achieve a layering effect. What we do with a lot of our kitchens is to use a selection of whites from the same palette but with different degrees of intensity.


So it’s lovely to have the lighter tone of white on the walls and a tone darker from the same palette on the furniture. It keeps it very fresh but gives it a bit of interest.


White glosses and mates can be the exclusive same color but they read differently because of how they react to lighting. A gloss white kitchen reflects what is around it, so it’s never completely white. Silk lacquer is popular but it still has a light reflective sheen.


When using a limited or restricted color palette such as only black and white include lots of different textures to give an added dimension. Go for contrast, mix rough with smooth, matt with shine and soft textures with hard one. A totally matte surface tones that down another notch so you can control how the light and color behave.


Good design makes all the difference. People love the look of glossy handleless kitchens, but handles are there for a reason without them you can’t help but get sticky fingers on the doors, and there are very few appliances that will integrate without handles.


The glossier the lacquer, the more likely it is to eventually lose some of its reflective qualities in patches that are constantly handled. Hand painted or spray painted wooden finishes can create a gloss, silk or matte look and can be extremely hard wearing, depending on the paint finish that is chosen and the number of layers that are used.


At the very top end of the market, glass is impervious to staining and hard to scratch but could chip or crack if you dropped your casserole on it, while solid surface materials vary in their resilience.


The toughest of all surfaces, according to many designers are solid surface material such as Arcobaleno, White Ice, Calcatta, Silver Sparkle. White Ice is particularly bomb proof as it is nonporous and therefore nonabsorbent, any stubborn marks will effortlessly disappear with some diluted cleaner, and in the event of someone taking a hammer to an edge, it can be seamlessly repaired.


We, at DTK Stone Works carry a wide variety of tough surfaces that will satisfy your design needs. Whether you set your eyes on white or off white color, we will make sure that we have achieved your ultimate satisfaction.


Call us and schedule your visit to our showroom for great ideas, huge selection and always ready to help team of professionals.

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