Professional Quartzite Fabrication in Chicago, IL

You’ve probably heard of quartz countertops, but have you heard of quartzite? Don’t let the name fool you; this material is more like granite than quartz, and more and more customers in Chicago, IL, are asking our design team for this trendy option during a renovation.

Get all the basic information you need on quartzite right here, then contact DTK Stone Works. We handle quartzite fabrication and installation to craft gorgeous countertops for your home.

What’s the Difference Between Quartz and Quartzite?

Despite the similarity in name, quartz and quartzite are completely different materials! Quartz is actually fabricated or engineered stone made from a silicon dioxide composite. Because it’s man-made, it’s very hard and can be created in a rainbow of colors not found in nature, like yellow, purple, or orange.

Meanwhile, quartzite is a real, naturally formed metamorphic rock. This means it’s only available in natural, neutral colors, and each slab is unique (this is also why it’s more expensive than quartz). Because of its beauty and durability, quartzite is starting to gain popularity nationwide.

Quartzite Color Options

Quartzite is well-suited to most modern kitchens because it’s typically a white- or gray-based stone, sometimes with hints of brown and black. With a little searching and help from our team, it’s also possible to find natural quartzite with pink, red, yellow, blue, or green tones based on the minerals mixed in during the formation of the stone in the Earth. Rust-colored iron oxide, for example, tints quartzite with red or pink hues depending on the number of trace minerals in the stone.

No matter which slab you choose, every piece of quartzite is unique. The neutral color palette can complement any design with a subtle and elegant touch.

Is Quartzite as Durable as Other Countertop Stones?

Quartzite falls on the harder end of the natural stone spectrum, meaning it’s not easy to scratch or chip. However, it is a porous stone, so homeowners need to be careful with direct heat and dark-colored spills. Typically we recommend sealing quartzite surfaces once a year, although this may be more or less frequent depending on the variety of quartzite slab you choose for your home.

Does Quartzite Require a lot of Maintenance?

Other than an annual sealant, caring for quartzite is simple. Avoid harsh chemical cleaners, and quickly wipe up spills and messes with a natural soap and warm water. DTK Stone Works can also recommend a few specially designed cleaners that are safe for keeping quartzite glossy and clean.

Is Quartzite Expensive?

Natural quartzite has a higher price point than other countertop options because of its unique qualities. Quartzite’s versatility, durability, and attractiveness make it well-worth its cost, and it is a popular choice for homeowners in Chicago, IL. Contact the design team at DTK Stone Works to receive a customized quote for your kitchen or bathroom designs.

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