Lapidus, a new finish with a matt texture for its countertop surface

Lapidus – DTK Stone Works’ most sensual texture for kitchen countertops

DTK Stone Works, the Chicago regional leader in the development, production and distribution of granite, marble, quartzite and other natural stone surfaces, has launched Lapidus, a new finish with a matte texture for its countertop surface range, into the Chicagoland market.

To be available in several colors, DTK Stone Work’s Lapidus finish delivers a unique texture, beauty and elegance. From the celestial, cool tones of Lady’s Dream to the earthy hue of Revelation, Lapidus delivers an ideal finish for any fashion-conscious home owner. With tones that blend seamlessly together, DTK Stone Work’s Lapidus helps create a kaleidoscope of color for any kitchen, making for an aesthetically balanced room.

The initial color selection for Northern Illinois consumers consists of Giallo Venezia, Silver Sparkle, Crystal Gold, Zeus, Jerusalem Bone, Red Damascus and Rainforest Brown with the other colors to be rolled out over the coming months.

Smooth and soft, Lapidus is the most advanced matte texture in the world of quartz surfaces, and offers the benefits of bacteriostatic properties found in all DTK Stone Works‘ products. Providing maximum hygiene protection and resistance against scratches, knocks and stains, these bacteriostatic properties enable DTK Stone Works surfaces to last longer, keeping a high level of durability and providing effortless beauty.

The consistency of its texture and color allows Lapidus to transform any kitchen countertop into a place of natural elegance and beauty, making it the optimal choice for a glamorous, hygiene-conscious kitchen.

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