DTK Stone Works modern urban kitchen design granite countertop

Why You Should Get Granite Countertop in Your Kitchen From DTK Stone Works

There is no doubt that a kitchen granite countertop is such a sight to behold.  It makes the seemingly boring kitchen suddenly come alive and bring endless inspiration and enthusiasm to someone who is responsible for providing succulent fares on the table for the family.  It exudes elegance and timeless beauty and anyone who sees it will definitely love it and might not even want to part from it.

Like most things in this world, there are advantages and disadvantages in having a granite countertop.  It is prudent to know them first to avoid any regrets later.

Granite is amazingly durable that even if you place hot items on it or even cut something on your granite countertop.  You don’t need to worry about anything because nothing will leave their mark on your granite – they can’t even if they want to.  Granite is tough on scratches and any unsightly marks.

It adds beauty to your kitchen.  Add a granite countertop and see your kitchen turn into something else right before your eyes.  It exudes a certain charm and appeal that no one can deny.

DTK Stone Works modern urban kitchen design granite countertop
DTK Stone Works – modern urban kitchen design with granite countertop

Once it has been sealed, it is already stain resistant.  It is also non-porous that’s why you can be certain that when you clean your granite countertop, it is totally clean.

It only requires low maintenance and cleaning is a breeze.  You don’t need to spend so much time brushing it because a simple wipe in one passing can clean all the dirt.

No two kitchen granite countertops are the same and that is an assurance that you will never see the same granite countertop in someone else’s home.  They might look similar but they are definitely not the same.

The color of granite never fades with time; it stays the same the first time it arrived in your home especially if you properly maintain it.

The granite countertops add value to a home.  If unfavorable circumstances made you decide to sell the house, you can be certain to get higher value for your property because of the granite countertop.

We at DTK Stone Works carry a great variety of granites. We have colors, patterns, thickness and edges that will satisfy any taste and every designer’s whim. On top of that our professional installation will leave completely satisfied and happy with your new kitchen countertop. We’ll show up on time, take precise measuring of the kitchen and the island, give you a free estimate and when you are ready, we fabricate the countertop and install it at a convenient time for you without any hassle. And at the end, you will thank us for the great job we have done. That’s a promise!

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