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Edge profiles finish your custom stone products with a final touch of personalized design. The various options we have for edge profiles give you the flexibility to decide whether rounded corners, a bevel profile, or another alteration of the edge is right for the design in your kitchen, bathrooms, or lobby. DTK Stone Works will always make sure you’re pleased with the whole fabrication of your countertops and other stone features.

Custom Edges for a Truly Individual Stone Product2021-01-08T00:05:51+00:00

Our Midwest clientele includes homeowners, restaurants, offices, hotels, and many other satisfied customers. Your stone products should always live up to your investment in your bathrooms, kitchen, and other areas of your home or business. We prioritize your commercial or residential stone services around delivering distinctive countertops and other stone features that meet your needs and design requests. Our wide selection of stone slabs receive careful and skillful fabrication, right down to your chosen edge profiles.

What are Edge Profiles?2021-01-08T00:05:19+00:00

Edge profiles are completed by carefully machining the edges of a countertop with shaping to create a silhouette to the borders. An example would be rounding the top corner along the edge. Besides adding additional personality to your stone product, customized edges can be safer if part of you collides with the side or corner of your countertop. While edge profiles seem like a minor aesthetic change, they can affect other aspects of your counters like safety and cleaning.
These distinctive alterations to your stone products are just one of the special features we provide with our commercial and residential stone services.

What Types of Edge Profiles Do You Offer?2021-01-08T00:06:28+00:00

The type of edge profile you choose for your countertops and stone products depends on your priorities regarding the design. One of the best aspects to consider when choosing your edge profile is how it works with the design and appearance of the space in which the countertops are being installed. We provide several options that complement a wide array of designs in kitchens, bathrooms, and more. DTK Stone Works can apply your personally-selected edge profile to your stone products. Here are some examples of the edge profiles we provide for your stonework, and check out our 3D images down the page to see visual representations of our (custom) edge profile capabilities:

Round top and bottom
¼-inch round
Half, demi, and full bullnose
½-inch and ¼-inch bevel
Bevel top and bottom
Ogee, including flat and bull options

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