Whether you are working on a restaurant, hotel renovation, a residential condominium building remodel, or a new multi-use office building, DTK Stoneworks can help you with custom-built and -fabricated stone products as well as the required precision installation that will be completely tailored to your needs, design, and timeframe.

Commercial Stone Services

Commercial Bathrooms

We can provide custom stonework for vanity tops, floors, sinks (carved or built out of stone) and stall partitions. Our team can handle all the features of a bathroom project the way you envisioned it.

Commercial Kitchens

From backsplashes, floors, sinks to countertops and tabletops.
Restaurants, hotels, multi-use developments, and condo/apartment buildings to name a few, can upgrade their food & beverage and dining spaces with customs stone selections.

Entryway, Lobby and Corridors

Improving entryways, lobbies, and corridors in commercial properties can be done by adding or replacing new columns, wall cladding, stairways and so much more.
Public spaces can be transformed into the right ambiance and esthetics that reflect your property at its best

Restaurant Renovations

People want to feel comfortable and be amazed with a certain atmosphere, that is different to their daily settings. Stone materials can make a significant difference in may sections of a restaurant. From walls and floors at the entrance, countertops at the bar, dining area tabletops to bathroom stalls and partitions. Almost anything is possible.

Offices/Office Buildings

Stone can also be applied to any business space, from lobbies to reception/front desks and meeting rooms, We can create custom stairs, tables, desks and more with our stone products and services.